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Nursing Care Service


24-Hour Agency-Based and Home-Based Nursing Care Service

With over 10 years of solid experience in community care, Mercy strives to offer exceptional service to our clients and service users. To ensure the quality of care, our nursing care department is led by experienced registered nurses and social workers. We are here to listen and offer the ideal service to address your needs.

Our professional team is pleased to provide a variety of service for you, including:

Agency-Based Nursing Care Service

We provide manpower solutions to care homes, supporting older people and the disabled with their nursing/care and medical escorting needs

Home-Based Nursing Care Service

Private Caregivers: Care service for older people at home and in care homes. It is also available during hospital stays and discharge (upon request)

Post-discharge care: Fracture, stroke and post-surgery care after hospital discharge


Wound Care: Post-traumatic wound, diabetic ulcer and pressure sore, etc.

Nasogastric Tube Replacement: Nasogastric tube replacement booking is available now


Catheter Replacement/ Continence Care: Booking is available now

Professional Nursing Care: Blood sugar level, blood pressure monitoring, medication management and injection service, etc.


General Care: Showering/bathing, elder sitting, rehabilitation exercise and escorting service, etc.

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