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We provide physiotherapy services to both organisations and individuals. We deliver our service in care homes, day care units, community teams, sheltered accommodations, sheltered workshops, hospitals and clinics, charitable organisations and service users’ residences.


Our physiotherapists assess service users’ health conditions, limb movements and muscle control, etc. Taking personal needs and the assessment results into account, we customise rehabilitation plans to improve clients’ muscle strength, body balance and overall body movement.



Home-based Rehabilitation Exercise

Physiotherapists deliver training in mobility (walking), body balance and tolerance, range of motion, etc.

Pain Management

Physiotherapists utilise heat and cold therapy, electrotherapy, massage and manipulations as remedies to help relieve pain.

Chest and Respiratory Therapy

Percussion and breathing techniques can help remove sputum and relieve shortness of breath.

Therapy for Bed-bound Patients

Manual passive exercise and stretching prevent frozen joints, muscle atrophy and contracture.

The Use of Rehabilitation Aids/ Equipment

Physiotherapists assess the needs of the service users and provide suggestions on using rehabilitation aids such as walking frames, pressure relieving products, wheelchairs, etc. (Physiotherapists at Mercy provide free consultation service for older people, including assessment and education on safety precautions of the use of aids)

Home-based Physiotherapy Service

Physiotherapists can arrange home visits and deliver home-based treatment to service users at home/ care home upon request.

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