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Occupational Therapy

We provide agency-based and home-based occupational therapy services in care homes, day care units, community teams, sheltered accommodations, sheltered workshops, child development centres, charitable organisations and service users’ residences.


At Mercy, we have a well-rounded occupational therapy team that delivers care to children, older people and the disabled. We work closely with our service users to improve their cognition, physical ability, daily living skills and home safety, etc.


Occupational therapy helps people to live independently and improve their quality of life. Our occupational therapists customise treatment plans for services users from different age groups, including:

Home Safety Assessment

Through home visits, occupational therapists give professional advice on improving home safety, including installing grab rails and using rehabilitation aids. We also support caregivers by educating them on caring and safety tips.

Pre-school Paediatrics and School-based service

‘Playing’ is an essential part of child development. We use game-based activities to enhance children’s growth and increase their drive for learning.

Comprehensive Health Assessments

Occupational therapists utilise a wide range of assessment tools such as the Barthel Index and MoCA-HK to assess older people’s physical, cognitive, self-care and emotional regulation abilities.

Daily Living Skills Training

Occupational therapists provide a variety of activities of daily living (ADL) training, including fine motor skills, self-care, cognitive, sensory stimulation and emotional regulation training, etc.

Behavioural Issues

Occupational therapists use multiple approaches to address behavioural issues triggered by cognitive impairment, dementia or mental health conditions. Sensory integration therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy are some commonly used interventions in overcoming adaptive/problematic behaviours.

Mental Health and Emotional Regulation

Occupational therapists apply professional coaching and evidence-based techniques to address mental health issues. Recent research evidenced that occupational therapy plays a significant role in treating mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia, etc.

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