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Rehabilitation Services

Our physiotherapists assess service users’ health conditions, limb movements and muscle control, etc. We customise rehabilitation plans to improve clients’ muscle strength, body balance and overall body movement.


At Mercy, we have a well-rounded occupational therapy team that delivers care to children, older people and the disabled. We work closely with our service users to improve their cognition, physical ability, daily living skills and home safety, etc.


Through activities, speech and language therapists improve and develop children’s speech, social and communication skills. We also encourage parents to take part in the sessions.


Our social workers offer mental and emotional support for caregivers, as well as making apposite referrals to address service users’/ caregivers’ needs.

Chinese medicine emphasises treating every person as a whole. It holds a strong belief that there is a co-dependent relationship between organs, the human body and the environment.


Our registered dietitians provide nutrition consultation, customised meal planning service and health talks for schools, care homes, day care services and charitable organisations.

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